JULY 2017

Copperhead IPA

In support of Matso's new Copperhead Indian Pale Ale, we were tasked with creating some gutsy imagery to make the beer stand out at tap points and on other visual marketing assets.

Continuing the evolution of Matso's successful quirky product brands, we drew on a retro theme in the style of the 'Boys' Adventure Book' cover, featuring our well known diver mascot, facing the perils of the denizens of the deep.

This new brand adds to the strong and arresting series of product brands that currently position Matso's above the competition in an increasingly busy marketplace.

Copperhead IPA is only available at selected tap points, so if you see it, dive in for one.

WIN a mini moke?

Yes please, I’d love to! One of my earliest driving memories is of tearing around the Port Hedland salt flats in a Mini Moke with a newly acquired driving licence and a tank of petrol that seemed to last forever. What a great little car.

Thirty years later the Fremantle Markets is offering the chance to win one of these little gems and Flametree was called in to help get the message out there. As well as digital and print media, it was decided to use a billboard campaign to increase awareness. The billboards will be driving traffic to the Fremantle Markets until September when some lucky person will be driving away in their own bright yellow Moke. We wish you luck.

Glory days

It doesn’t seem like it was 30 years ago that Fremantle was hosting the defence of the America’s Cup. I can remember it clearly. If you can too, then you are also a living part of Fremantle’s heritage.

The 2017 Fremantle Heritage Festival celebrates Fremantle’s recent history, in all its different forms. Even if you weren’t there in 1987 but are curious about this important time in our history, or any other, then the festival is for you. Have a browse through the extensive 32 page program packed with an array of activities and some fine 80’s design. The festival runs all of this week - to the 5th of June. There’s everything from a cemetery tour to a classic car show, so sail in and enjoy.


Fishing for warmer weather

The onset of Winter sees many of us planning our Northern holidays to escape the cold. Enjoying the State’s warmer coastline can often involve a spot of fishing. So before you get all of your gear packed, be sure to look out for the new Halco catalogue (coming soon!) which contains all the latest designs and colours, as well as all your old, tried and trusted lures and tackle. At Flametree we have been busily preparing this document that showcases the whole of Halco’s extensive range. This includes detailed in-house photography of new products and the design and printing of the final catalogues.

It’s great to see this home grown brand doing so well, with fisher-folk the world over becoming gently hooked on their tackle.

Brand Growth Workshop

This month our colleague and mentor, Dick Baynham, is conducting the first of a series of unique brand-building seminars exclusively for friends and associates of Flametree.

These workshops are designed to provide business owners, senior executives and brand ambassadors with an innovative and comprehensive tool kit tailored to assist them in growing their business.

We believe they will prove to be game changing sessions for any decision makers who are committed to develop and implement a more effective brand structure into their organisation.

For more details on how to register please click on the link below or call Mark or John in our studio on 9383 1234.