Pioneer Daughter

Gillian Lilleyman

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A new book was recently published by author Gillian Lilleyman called 'Pioneer Daughter', affectionately known in our studio as 'Fanny's Diary'.  It is the edited interpretation of the diary of Frances Louisa Brockman, who diarised her life in the Margaret River region of WA from 1872 until 1905. It provides a unique perspective of rural farming life which intersects with many well-known historical characters of the region.

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Flametree Creative was tasked with the book design, layout and production. It had to be clean and easy to read from front to end, or simply dip into as desired. We had to devise a layout that ordered the entries in a way that was easy to follow and clearly delineated editorial commentary. It also needed to accommodate illustrations, footnotes and editorial blocks next to the relevant diary entries.

The final result is a credit to our team members at Flametree who worked on the project. It meets all these requirements and also delivers a beautiful publication that is a pleasure to hold and delve into.

As a lover of books and book design, I hope we have been able to do justice to an important story that is a valuable part of our heritage.