We measure the value of everything we do and we work on two separate hourly rates, one for Projects and a marginally lower rate for Full Service clients.

This is designed to provide clients with a low risk way of testing the value of our contribution to growing the value of their business, while encouraging forward planning and rewarding long-term relationships.

Our rates are competitive, transparent and available on request but, taken in isolation, they are meaningless because what we offer is a finely tuned creative process that is designed to take complex issues and simplify them.

We ask our clients to judge us by the quality of our work and the effect it has in assisting them to compete more effectively.

To find out more, set up a meeting about your next project with one of our Creative Directors and we’ll work out a ballpark budget with you on the spot.

On the business side of things, we pay our bills on time because that is step one in building a good reputation and we expect the same courtesy from clients.

On project work for new clients or with projects involving any commitment over $5,000 we charge 50% in advance or set an agreed payment schedule.

Normal terms are 14 days from date of invoice.

Media is booked and invoiced through Carat. This involves a credit application and it normally takes a minimum of 14 days to establish a credit facility.