Manufacturing a wide range of garden, lawn and liquid fertilisers, controlled release fertilisers, soil improving products, mulches and potting mix, Baileys are Perth's gardening and horticultural experts. Whether you are a retail customer needing potting mix for vegetables or a commercial grower seeking laboratory analysis and custom solutions for nurseries, vineyards or turf, Baileys has a range of products and services to keep your crops, lawn or garden at its blooming best all year round.



Baileys TV Campaign 2016


Continuing on from the previous successful Baileys TV campaign strategy, Flametree recently produced a set of new television commercials due to hit a targeted WA audience this spring to reinforce and drive the brilliant Baileys garden range at retail level. 

TV Still of Chris Ferriera - Baileys TVC Campaign 2016

Bathed in some magic post dawn light at a series of selected locations our garden experts (all genuine professionals who actually use the products) gave us some great genuine testimonial vision and helpful garden tips to pass on to viewers.

To support and distribute the messages Flametree commissioned a clever media schedule that provided a target rich environment for all our ads and media posts, taking into consideration specific gardener needs and local WA soil and environmental issues allowing our client to punch well above their budget weight.

We take a lot of pride in seeing our long term client continue to grow and gain market share within their field. Great gardens are still in the bags and the new media is in the can, coming soon to you via TV, digital and other smart sources.


Baileys website


Market leaders and long time friends and client Baileys Fertilisers decided it was time for a new up to date website with extra functionality and an interactive user friendly new format.

We wanted the site to be user friendly, easy to navigate and to carry a lot of people focussed images illustrating the content.


Flametree Creative was asked to submit a proposal to build a website from the ground up that would contain the following functionality:

  • Store locator
  • Video manager
  • Advanced role based user management
  • Scheduled local and remote backups
  • Advanced search
  • Drag and drop multi-level menu editor
  • Built-in calendar editor synchronised with Google Calendar
  • Quick Analytics on dashboard
  • One click backup
  • Activity logs

Please visit

I n addition to this we were asked to set up a fast and powerful VPS (Virtual Private Server) to be managed by Flametree Creative. It was also noted that a seamless transition from the old site to the new site be achieved. After they received several proposals we were pleased that Baileys awarded the contract to Flametree Creative.

Once we had a site map and wire frame approved we started work on the design. We wanted the site to be user friendly, easy to navigate and to carry a lot of people focussed images illustrating the content. The homepage employs video and we were fortunate to have a resource base of existing TV commercials that we had previously created for Baileys. We were able to cut these down and make a short video loop.

Once all the programming was complete the client was given a short lesson on how to use the content management system. Armed with this and the address of our test server they added the final bits of content and were able to check and edit the pages.

When all was approved the new site was uploaded to the VPS and the Baileys URLs were pointed to the new site.

Baileys Logo


Great brands tend to last. That's certainly the case with Baileys. Ask your grandparents. They can probably remember seeing a version of this logo on hessian sacks in the old shed.


The Baileys brand has evolved over generations. We have been custodians for over 20 years and redesigned the logo a number of times.

Most recently, the font has been updated, butterfly added and positioning line developed to accompany the brand in various applications.

At its heart the design reflects the strong commercial feel that has sustained the the family for several generations, coupled with a softer side for domestic and retail applications.

Like the Bailey family, this enduring symbol has been around for a century in one form or another, growing into a household name in WA gardening and horticultural circles.

Image of the logo design for Baileys, based in Perth.

Baileys Packaging


As a market leader in retail sales, Baileys needed packaging solutions that were eye catching, but functional. We recently redesigned the existing Baileys packaging with a view to a roll out across the entire major product range, we designed a range that whilst all individually recognisable, also formed a strong brand family. Taking the unique Baileys design flavour, we have applied the brand architecture to a large range of products across a number of container and bag styles. The result is a strong set, easily recognisable in store or at warehouse level that delivers on the promise of the great products housed within.

Packaging design for Baileys bag range


After extensive research on new plastic sub straits compatible with production line logistics we recently redesigned the existing Baileys packaging with a view to a roll out across the entire major product range.

After compiling a much varied short list of design candidates for the primary bagged retail group we engaged the market research team at Curtin University to road test the designs before moving forward. Using a tested formula the Curtin team conducted several levels of preference tests across a broad rangeof a target selected demographic audience with surprisingly clear results.

Close up of Baileys packaging design