Beautiful Beverages and Tantalising Treats! Amongst the op shops and takeaway joints that litter the Ettalong Peninsula nestles perhaps the cutest teashop on the Central Coast. Hatters Tea Shop offers the perfect place to meet friends for a weekly catch-up, or to spend a happy hour or two indulging in a High Tea.

Hatters' Logo


Yes, a very important date. Create a logo, menus, shopfront, my goodness!

We decided to come to the party with a fabulous blend of function and fascination, creating a brand based around Lewis Carroll's classic tale and a sustainable strategy that would endure forever and ever. We pulled a beautiful hand-illustrated solution out of the hat and coupled it with a slightly mad range of brand assets.

The queen of hearts is still making tarts for the local residents and tourists.


"I'm setting up a classic high tea house in an old shop. What should I call it? What should the branding look like? It's going to be full of beautiful antiques and eclectic china services."

"Curiouser and curiouser," said Flametree.

"Let's call it Hatters. Mad if we don't."

What's the matter my dear - don't you care for tea?