QuizJam is the worlds first massively multiplayer trivia experience. This gaming platform allows users to participate in trivia tournaments in real-time, playing for your chance to be crowned the best in your region, or in the world.



QuizJam is the world's first massively multiplayer trivia experience.

Last year we were approached by a couple of young entrepreneurs who had been creating a new app about to be launched through Apple on iTunes.

The idea was a quiz with a clever fund raising feature that corporate, private or sporting entities can use to raise funds or just engage their customers and increase product or service awareness.

The quiz features the ability to create a custom built questionnaire as well as broader spectrum generic topics for the general public and consummate quizheads.

This also had to be done within the strict framework of app iconics and protocol giving us some unique graphic and technical challenges.

The result was a snappy identity that was extended to cover electronic media and conventional stationery accompanied by a comprehensive styleguide.

We designed a logo that is easily recognisable, quickly communicates the concept of the game, and conveys a level of professionalism in line with the app’s superior functionality.

Your time starts now! Be careful though, it’s a bit addictive and those of us with a competitive streak can easily get hooked on showing how much we know and how fast we can answer.