Having worked with David on previous publications we were happy when David asked Flametree Creative to design his new book which, at 288 large format pages, was to be bigger and better than anything he had previously produced. For the first time, mixing brilliant wildlife photography with his celebrated landscape images, the pages paint a rich story of the Kimberley’ s diverse ecology. David’s commentary provides valuable insights into the rugged landscapes and its inhabitants. If a visit to the Kimberley isn't on top of your wish-list, I’m sure flicking through these pages will make you reconsider. Click HERE to get a taste.


Coming soon to a beach near you, Coast Residences will represent the perfect blend of lifestyle options. Aimed at a broad market, from up and coming singles to penthouse hipsters or downsizing retirees, our brief was to name and brand the development before a campaign launch for pre sales. We created a name that embraced the feel of beach side living with broad demographic appeal. The development will commence at Scarborough Beach this year offering a range of residential layouts in the one block, a stunning rooftop garden, gymnasium and outstanding amenities providing excellent living for a lucky few. Coast, it’s a great word, like the block, full of promise. Click HERE to see more.


We’re in the business of innovation. We grow brands - and we have a set of shared values that are paramount to everything we do to achieve this. It goes without saying that we suggest the same strategy for our clients. More and more we hear about start-ups and brands that experience rapid growth due to a complete devotion to a set of simple core brand values. Take the case study of Melbourne-based vegan business Pana Chocolate for example.  They live and breath their eco-friendly philosophy – which is not just about supporting charities relevant to their brand (although this is certainly something they do very well). From the business operation down to the way ingredients are sourced for their deliciously niche product range, their brand values are clear and resonate across everything they do. Owner “Pana Barbounis has chosen to create a business that reflects his vegan lifestyle as well as his passion for global eco-preservation. Indeed, its motto is: "Love Your Insides. Love The Earth." Let us know if we can help you grow your existing brand or create a new shoot.


To commemorate the 18th birthday of their famous Ginger Beer, the crew at Matso’s have brewed up a storm in the form of a limited release kick-ass Ginger Barley Wine. This is the first in a series of “Rare Release“ small batch beverages aimed at the discerning drinker. A refined but gutsy tipple, Rare Release Ginger carries an eleven percent punch. It’s been aged in Rum casks and loaded with delicious dark and mysterious flavours. Entrusted with the packaging and marketing of this rare creature we combined traditional Matso’s elements with our Pearl Diver and a hot ginger-haired mermaid. Foil and gloss trap treatments combined to give the labels a premium feel and cartons embrace the brand architecture with a blend of retro and modern beer imagery. Matso’s Rare Release Ginger will appeal to the Pirate in all of us. Arrrrrr.....

Click through to the project page HERE.


Those of you who frequent Fremantle may have noticed several new ‘pop-ups’ in town. Five secure collection boxes that look like lifesaver rings have been installed in key locations around the area as part of the City of Fremantle’s Donate Without Doubt campaign. The idea behind the initiative is to provide the generous Fremantle Community with secure collection points where they can be comfortable their donations reach the people who need it most. We were asked to design a logo for the initiative that would compliment the positive imagery associated with ‘Lifesaver’ rings as collection points, and also stand on its own as a recognisable identity for rollout across several different campaign formats, such as press and posters. So next time your in Freo, be sure to drop any spare change into a Lifesaver box - donations will be given to St Patrick’s support services to assist Fremantle’s homeless population and the City will match all funds collected dollar-for-dollar. Click through to the project page HERE.


Whilst most of WA saw in the New Year enjoying balmy evenings and beautiful red Indian Ocean sunsets, our Studio Manager Sarah was watching skies of a completely different nature. The Aurora Borealis was kind enough to ‘come out and play’ on her recent trip to Tromso, Norway in January. Also known as ‘The Northern Lights’, this magical phenomenon is the result of electrons colliding with the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere. These protons cause faint and diffuse aurora, usually not easily visible to the human eye. Although Tromso is one of the best places to see the lights due to its position within the Arctic Circle, bad weather conditions often leave many travellers disappointed. Sarah was lucky enough to view the Aurora dancing and waving like green curtains on both nights she attempted ‘the chase’. A word of advice from Sarah for anyone planning to visit Tromso in the winter... minus eighteen is COLD (for WA residents anyhow) - pack the warm clothes you think you will need, then double it.