The team at Flametree have been working hard since our launch and it is a pleasure to show off a few recent projects. As always our goal has been to grow the value of our clients' brands. These examples show how the correct strategy mixed with great communication create ideal conditions for growth.

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Have you been enjoying the Fremantle festival?

Over the last month or so we’ve been busy designing the branding, program, posters, signage, print and digital advertising to promote Australia’s longest-running festival. The 2015 Fremantle Festival is delighting Fremantle locals and visitors with its all inclusive program of visual and performing arts and community events. Just as the program for the Festival has evolved over its 110 year history, we’ve worked closely with the City of Fremantle this year to create a brand template that will excite, entice, and complement the program direction for 2015.

We hope you enjoyed the refreshments offered at the Pegleg Bar before or after seeing one of the many shows at the Town Hall. Perhaps you ventured wider afield to visit the Wardarnji Aboriginal Cultural Festival, the Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival or the Children's Fiesta. Perhaps we'll see you at the Street Parade from 5 on Sunday, not to be missed.

One of the most significant changes for this year is the introduction of a festival ‘hub’, including a pop-up bar where a lot of the action will take place. This element was central to the creative brief and we set about developing a concept that evokes curiosity and builds anticipation for the hub.

The Festival program is packed full with touring national musicians, comedians and artists, theatrical shows, city tours, workshops and many more community event celebrating art and culture in the community.

We hope you get a chance to visit Freo and enjoy the Festival atmosphere as much as we enjoyed working on the branding and design.

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Mental Health Week

A few months ago we were approached by Cate Pattison, a Perth-based researcher and community historian who wanted to share the story of an organisation that has walked alongside people experiencing mental distress in Perth for forty years.

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of The Richmond Fellowship, now Richmond Wellbeing, has been operating in Western Australia since 1975, and over the last decade has become a progressive thought leader and advocate for consumer-centred mental health recovery. The story of the organisation’s ‘upbringing’ as she likes to call it is quite inspirational we were delighted to be invited to design and produce the book.

The book design needed to satisfy a brief which centred upon the celebration of a milestone and major achievements of the people involved, whilst acknowledging and respecting the nature of the subject matter. The result – a contemporary look with bright colours overlaying historical photos.

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I caught 'Australian Story' last week and was thoroughly taken with the story of Cedar Anderson and his Byron Bay invention, Flow Hive. Beeing a bee keeper myself I was intrigued with the concept of turning a lever and honey flowing from the bottom of the hive, removing the damage caused to the bees and often me. I was fascinated with the evolution of the idea and the personality of Cedar himself.

As is often the case, the digital world was called to play a role in this story. Once a working prototype was proven, the family turned to crowdfunding to finance the production startup with a target of US $70,000. This was achieved in just 15 minutes. In no time the story had gone viral and Cedar found himself the focus of worldwide attention. By the time the campaign closed they had US 12.2 million dollars in advance orders. I'll be interested to watch as this story continues. If you'd like to see the ABC story you can try the link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


The CMO Council recently reported massive rises in digital budget components in the US marketing community.

As more consumers run local searches on mobile, advertisers are increasing spends on mobile ad campaigns.
In April 2015 BIA / Kelsley estimated that US mobile ad spending on local or location targeted placements would rise by 56% this year.

Yes, digital is here to stay, maybe it's not for every business, but we are finding increasing opportunities to help our clients that can benefit from smart digital promotions & take advantage of this growing trend.

We have developed an easy to understand overview of current digital infrastructure, it's costs & how it can help grow your business or brand. So if you think you might like to get on board the digital express, or just get what you may have in place back on track give us a call, tweet, text, email...



Growing craft brewers Matsos needed some help to give their fabulous brews a boost on the East coast. As the distribution net expands we knock the tops off some new ideas & roll out a summer campaign.

After commissioning some extensive market research & a little bit of help from our friends at Carat, we identified some great media opportunities to speak to our champagne audience through a beer budget.

Out of home came in strong as a way to get our message delivered to our target in budget & within specific geographic zones so we set about creating some sticky visuals that complimented our existing brand .

The results are some striking creative solutions aimed at putting our beer firmly on the East Coast map. Anyone who's tried the legendary brews from Broome will know they are not your average beer. Our approach , as always, is a little bit different, the outdoor campaign hits the streets of Sydney & Melbourne tomorrow,



The area we now call Fremantle is known by Whadjuk people as Walyalup. The Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre needed a brand that represented their cultural history and location at Arthur’s Head in Fremantle. Drawing on age old aboriginal symbology for inspiration, we created a brandmark that references Fremantle as a historical meeting place for Whadjuk people. We added flowing lines to represent the Swan River to the North.

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We were approached by the family-owned Mexican Kitchen a few months back to manage the rebranding of their iconic restaurant in the heart of Fremantle. A local favourite, they’ve been serving up the flavours of tex-mex cuisine since the 1980’s. The brief was simple , create an identity that reflects the culture of the restaurant, being friendly and approachable, but also clearly communicate its credentials of authenticity, character and tradition…

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The warm weather is with us and the whales are breaching – I was more than happy to take up the opportunity to get out on the water again with long term client, Westcoast Jet. On the day of my cruise, the weather forecast was a bit undecided, but by ten o'clock the weather was holding and we were cruising out to the watching grounds at a steady 30 knots. Twenty minutes later we spotted our first whales, two male humpbacks, breaching high out of the water and crashing back into the ocean with massive sprays of white water. They put on a great show, when not jumping, they took turns in fin slapping and seemed in no hurry to go anywhere.

From here we spotted a larger group and spent half an hour taking photos and being amazed at their acrobatic skills. All good things must end and we headed home for Fishing Boat Harbour getting a close look at the anchored freighters. Half way home we spotted another group and couldn't help but stop as they seemed to be waving us down.

As we taxied into the harbour there was smiling faces all round, the weather had done the right thing by us and so had the Whales. It appeared that everyone had as good a time as I, taking with them some great memories as well as learning more about these fantastic creatures.

Lets hope this continues to be a great Whale watching season for 2015. Westcoast Jet only have a few seats left  for the whale watching season, so get in quick if you want to see the mighty humpbacks on their way south.