Sharing the Journey

Richmond Wellbeing

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Sharing the Journey is an organisational history of Richmond Wellbeing. It follows the 40 year journey of the Richmond Fellowship as it evolved into Richmond Wellbeing and became a leader in consumer-centred mental health recovery  in Western Australia.

UP NEXT: Gillian Lilleyman - Pioneer Daughter


Our brief was to produce an accessible, engaging and visually interesting book that would make a leap out of the confines usually associated with organisational histories. In doing this it was intended to expand the readership to all clients and stakeholders as well as a wider general audience.

Flametree worked closely with the author Cate Patterson to design, typeset and layout the 124 page book. We also undertook the printing of the book achieving delivery a week before the launch date. The book has been very well received and we have gained very positive feedback from Richmond Wellbeing.

We have been impressed with your customer service, working closely with us during the editing process to ensure that all corrections and changes were made along the way. The final product is excellent, being an engaging and lively book that will appeal to our wide audience. Delivery prior to our fixed deadline was also gratefully fulfilled.

Joe Calleja

Chief Executive Officer Richmond Wellbeing