Fremantle sailing club

Fremantle sailing club

Fremantle Sailing Club traces its origins back to the late 1800s. Competitive sailing commenced in Fremantle in 1872 with a series of annual regattas culminating in the formation of the Fremantle Yacht Club in 1885. Today the Fremantle Sailing Club is a truly progressive club and facilitates a large number of activities both sporting and social. Its mission is to be the blue water sporting club of choice for members and staff by providing the facilities, environment and culture compatible with the recreational, competitive, social and career expectations of all involved in the Club.

Fremantle Sailing Club Logo

Fremantle sailing club

Fremantle Sailing Club has evolved from a traditional sailing club to a much larger organisation undertaking a wide range of diverse activities. A new logo was developed as an important part of the re-branding process.


The traditional ‘burgee’ or flag-based logo, used by the club since its inception, didn’t work as effectively for some of the new activities of the expanded organisation. It was decided to retain the original version for the core business but develop a new logo to apply to some of the club’s more social elements such as functions, special events, clothing, venue hire etc. While it was important to maintain a visual link with the old, the new needed to better represent a progressive, multi-functional organisation.

The new logo has been adopted throughout the club and is now proudly worn on the hats and jackets of some of Australia’s sailing champions.

Fremantle Sailing Club business card design

To John and the Flametree Team,
We would like to thank you for your creative input and direction, into building and transforming our logo and brandname. Our mission was not only to keep its historical integrity but to also embrace the youth of our Club and the future. We are a diverse Club of many sections, and this transformation reflects that. Flametree have been amazing to work with and have an inspiring ability to see ideas come to fruition. Thank you Flametree.

Rob Clement General Manager, Fremantle Sailing Club

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