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If you have arrived at this point in our website you are likely curious about taking the next step or have not had all your questions answered. Your message will be sent to our studio email where it will be picked up and responded to by one of our directors, Mark Venables or John Douglass. We will endeavour to get back to you promptly by email or phone depending on the enquiry.

Requesting information about a potential project for your business puts you under no obligation to go any further with the enquiry than you want to and at no point do we pass on your details to any third parties. However, we would like to hope that your contact may be the beginning of a mutually rewarding business relationship.

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Flametree works with all types of organisations, from large established mining companies to small family-business start ups. Our primary goal is to 'grow your brand' and now is the perfect time to begin that process, no matter where your business sits in its growth cycle.

If for some reason, that is beyond our control, you have not heard back from us within a couple of days, please try phoning the office as your enquiry is important to us.



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