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If content is King, campaign is surely Chancellor.

For most Australian businesses, an online communication plan is crucial to fully connect with their audiences. Flametree Creative provide customised, multi-platform digital and media services. We specialise in campaign-focused digital marketing strategies and paid advertising across all major platforms. Be it Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest or email marketing and newsletters, we help you engage with your customers in a credible and respectful way.

Become an industry leader by converting your followers into advocates.

Increase brand awareness and sales online.

The ever-evolving world of Digital Marketing and Social Media can be daunting for a business owner. We understand that many of you may feel as if you are already too late to jump into this world but, rest assured, this is not the case. Creative media and marketing have always been part of our job while, if you are seeking help here, it's likely not been part of yours. Andwhy would it be? While the use of social/digital platforms is expected of many Australian businesses, understanding the intricate ins and outs behind the scenes is not. At Flametree we work with you to develop an online presence that is true to your brand's values and resonates with your audience.

Creative digital content and solutions.

We develop and activate positive and measurable digital media strategies, working with you to establish your online presence and capture the attention of your audience in a very real, human way.

When it comes to digital and social media, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our process begins by synchronising the tone and values of your brand with those of your audience. Knowing where to find your circle and how to effectively communicate with them is paramount in claiming your digital space. We will then define the preferred media platforms and channels of your audience and develop and initiate a compatible communication plan.

Unlike many agencies that offer digital services, Flametree provide flexible agreements, project transparency and straightforward performance reports.

Flametree have comprehensive digital and social media experience. Recent examples of on-going and fulfilled campaigns for a diverse range of clients and industries can be seen below, including The Western Australian Police Force, The City of Fremantle, Baileys, The West Winds Gin, Node1 Internet, The History Council of Western Australia and more.

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Finches of Australia Book Design

what we offer

Authentic brand to customer communication

Flametree creatives is an expert in creating company profile website

Social Media

Platform Set up, Brand Strategy, Account Management, Graphic and Content Creation, Hashtag Library, Peak Posting, Audience Interaction

Flametree creatives is an expert in ecommerce website creation

Digital Communication

Email Newsletters, E-Books, Digital Publications, Blog Curation, Video and Animated Content, Inquiry and Booking Forms, Subscription Material, Customer Database Building

Flametree creatives is an expert in ecommerce website creation

Targeted Advertising

Specific and Eclectic Customer Pools, Campaign Focussed Ads, Brand Awareness Material, Direct to Sales, Geo-fencing, Cross Platform Repurposing

Recent Digital Campaigns

WA Police Interactive Graffiti Information Booklet

The Western Australian Police Force's Graffiti team asked us to come up with an innovative solution to present information in way that would engage easily with a larger audiences. We suggested modifying the existing brochure to become an animated flip book accessible via a link or i-frame from anywhere on the internet.

  • Social & Digital Media
  • Web & Blog Communication
  • Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Content Curation
  • e-publishing

Trace Archaeology - Heritage Management Services

The contrasting synergy between past, present and future is the key ethos of Trace Archaeology. This is clear through the advanced approach the team take in relation to all historical, cultural and anthropological projects on which it is engaged.

This same contrast applies to the Trace digital presence. We work closely with the archaeological team to ensure all communication is presented respectfully, accurately and professionally.

  • Social & Digital Media
  • Instagram - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories
  • Facebook - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories, Groups
  • Linkedin - Posts, Advertised Positions
  • Google My Business
  • Web & Blog Communication
  • Assisted Photography, Videography, Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Curation & Hashtag Library Building

Baileys: family-owned producers of premium horticultural products

We provide Baileys with creative content, growth strategies and target-driven campaigns across all their digital and social media platforms.

From calculated sales campaigns to new product launches and increasing brand awareness, we devise pre-planned, monthly goals with the team at Baileys. Flametree then assist throughout each digital campaign, to ensure the best possible outcome from each project, We then report and re-target as required, based on results.

  • Social & Digital Media
  • Instagram - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels
  • Facebook - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories, Groups
  • Google Ads
  • Web & Blog Communication
  • Photography, Videography, Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Email Marketing
  • Geo Fencing
  • E-commerce & Shopify Communication
  • Content Curation & Hashtag Library Building

Grow your business.

At Flametree we have germinated the creative ideas that have underpinned many successful brands. We have nurtured and guided them and carefully monitored the environments in which they wished to flourish. There is not much we don’t know about creating and promoting brands.

We would love to create and help yours grow, too.
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