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The contrasting synergy between past, present and future is the key ethos of Trace Archaeology. This is clear through the advanced approach the team take to all historical, cultural and anthropological projects on which they are engaged.

This same contrast applies to the Trace digital presence. We work closely with their archaeological team to ensure all communication is presented respectfully, accurately and professionally.

Each field project is extensively documented, requiring written and visual content in the form of reports, artefact documentation and imagery, aerial drone photography and videography. The project content is then provided for Flametree to optimise and communicate to the audience. Our process involves understanding the project, identifying its most significant elements and structuring this, with relevant visual media, as an easily digestible form of communication.

Our responsibilities require a respectful and insightful application of the information provided in order to suit a variety of audiences and platforms.

We provide Trace with social media co-management, creative content, growth strategies and target-driven campaigns across all their digital media platforms.

Due to the advanced nature of the Trace approach, it is vital all media consistently conform to a professional style and tone.

The Brief

We identified that a combination of Blog articles and Linkedin posts would be the most effective ways to share information and promote the brand.

The majority of the audience are professionals within the industry, or students studying a relative field. We have also paid close attention to the general-interest audience, as well as potential clients within Australia.

  • Social & Digital Media
  • Instagram - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories
  • Facebook - Sponsored Ads, Posts, Stories, Groups
  • Linkedin - Posts, Advertised Positions
  • Google My Business
  • Web & Blog Communication
  • Assisted Photography, Videography, Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Curation & Hashtag Library Building

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