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Packaging is the customer-facing representation of your brand.

From elegant or quirky wine labels to entire supermarket ranges, we provide creative packaging design solutions to keep your product on-brand and at the forefront of its market category. Flametree Creative, Perth’s leading packaging designers, specialise in all forms of 3-dimensional packaging. Having 30-plus years’ experience in a wide variety of processes means we can avoid pitfalls and get the very best out of every brand’s on-shelf presentation - which translates directly into more sales.

Effective packaging needs to look great but also clearly communicate your brand's unique message which distinguishes your offering from all others. Doing this well results in increased sales as customer recognition, understanding and loyalty grows. As an individual project or accompaniment to an overall brand rollout we are always happy to take up the challenge of a 3D design brief. We have built a great track record, working on packaging for some great brands over the years with outstanding outcomes. Our experience in print media has enabled us to build a huge technical knowledge base to draw on, ensuring that our packaging designs not only look fantastic on the shelf but function well as practical physical objects.

Take a look at our recent packaging design projects below.

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Matso's Brewery Packaging

Matso's Broome Brewery

Flametree have created a complete range of packaging solutions designed to optimise sales and shelf presence with a keen sense of style relevant to the Matso's market.

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Billy Stitch Packaging

Billy Stitch Distillery

Last year local cottage distillers Billy Stitch asked us to help them develop their brand and apply it to their bottle packaging. At the time they were husband and wife team operating a home distillery selling products in make-shift bottles at local markets. The ultimate goal was to grow the brand through increased recognition, distribution and commercial sales.

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Baileys Fertilisers Packaging

Baileys Fertilisers

As a market leader in horticultural retail sales, Baileys needed packaging solutions that were eye catching, but functional. We recently redesigned the existing Baileys packaging with a view to a roll-out across the entire major product range. We designed a range that, while all recognisable individually, also combined as a strong brand family.

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Cheesebuddy Packaging


Cheesebuddy make Pão de queijo, a traditional Brazilian cheese bread. After arriving from Brazil in 2009 they established themselves with a passion to bring the Brazilian bread to Australia. From humble beginnings as a localised enterprise, they have now grown considerably, being distributed through several large outlets across Australia, including CostCo, Coles, Woolworths, Farmer Jacks and IGA.

Specialist packaging designers

Boutique beers and spirits are booming and the gin category has progressively become more and more adventurous. Flametree Creative designs various packaging for beverages, starting from wine up to beer and lately gin. Designing effective drinks brands requires a holistic approach. We do the beginning and the end, and everything in between. Please get in touch, we would be delighted to take you through our services.

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