Kimberley Pearl Charters

Kimberley Pearl Charters

Formally a vessel of the famed Paspaley Pearls modern pearl lugger fleet.

Registered as B57, the Dalumba as she was named, worked the pearl shell grounds off Eighty Mile Beach and at Compass Rose. Teams of six divers would drift across the shell beds, collecting pinctada Maxima for the purposes of surface cultivated Australian South Sea pearl farming.  

The region where your cruising takes place is ideal for growing out the cultured pearl. The Dalumba would transport seeded shell to Kuri Bay or Talbot Bay and after 2 years of farming, return to host pearl technicians and owners for the harvest.


Kimberley Pearl Charters Website

Kimberley Pearl Charters

There's been a bit too much day-dreaming of far off exotic holidays at  Flametree recently. We have been working on producing a website and other marketing materials for Kimberley Pearl Charters. The Kimberley Pearl offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the magnificent Kimberley coast up close, and in style.


Our job was to present an online asset to serve as a showreel for this fantastic vessel and the adventures it offers. 

Originally a working pearling vessel, in recent years the Kimberley Pearl has undergone a transformation to a magnificent ocean going cruiser with the aim of delivering the ultimate Kimberley touring experience. 

Flametree was asked to give a similar transformation to the website. We were delighted to work with fantastic new imagery, especially some amazing drone photography -  the adage a picture speaks a thousand words has never been more true. The website is colourful and bold with a strong emphasis on imagery of real people and their experiences. It also clearly communicates many levels of information about the different cruises and activities offered, as well as the vessel and its history.

If a Kimberley cruise is on your bucket list a visit to may be just what you need.