Sumo drinks

Sumo drinks

SUMO is the perfect addition to an active, healthy lifestyle and makes a great healthy alternative to energy drinks or coffee. It a blend of natural ingredients recognised around the world as helping to stimulate the metabolism and burn calories.  


Sumo Drinks Packaging design

Sumo drinks

Sumo is an English based drinks company offering healthy and hydrating drink products. Sumo comes in three different flavours: Summer Fruit, Tropical and Apple Pear. Each flavour features its dominant fruit colour which we apply in a clean and fresh styling for the can art, 4 pack packaging and brand marketing.


Sumo offers a healthy drinks line that quenches your thirst, tastes delicious and adds no calories. They approached Flametree to work on their brand to ensure it consistently reflects their values and aspirations. We were also asked to design the packaging for the three flavours. The challenge for us was to make the cans and packs look fresh, energetic, fun and healthy. 

During the process, we explored many different names for the flavours, different colours palettes and can finishes to best convey the brand's persona. We quickly progressed from concepts to approved visuals and final artwork.

Our team were able to apply our extensive beverage packaging experience to the production of the cans and four-packs as we co-ordinated with the UK printers and cannery for a smooth first production run. Everyone was very please upon arrival in Australia and the cans are selling in well.


Sumo drinks website design

Sumo drinks

Refreshing, healthy and active. These are the key brand attributes that communicate throughout the Sumo website. The site supports the release of the drinks in to the Australian market and provided information about the products to its users.


W hile the first production run of the Sumo cans were underway, Sumo Drinks asked us to design and develop their website. Happy to showcase the newly designed cans, we set about producing a website to serve as a virtual shopfront to display the drinks. We created images and visual to support the can designs that enhanced the active, energetic.and healthy attributes of the drinks. All of the content reinforces the brand persona, projecting the customer experience offered by the drinks.

We chose the keep the site compact, quick to load and easy to navigate. The clean, simplicity of the design has resulted in a great user experience on both mobile and larger screen formats. The site easily allows users to access any information about Sumo they may be seeking with an absolute minimum of fuss.