Behind the wall

February 21, 2019
Behind the wall

Recently the studio’s ‘full disclosure’ faction had a win over the ‘less is more’ diehards.

If any of the 35,000 vehicles that pass by our front wall everyday were wondering what goes on behind the wall our new signage now provides some clues.

Whilst we love great design and still consider ourselves champions of well used 'clear space' we tried putting ourselves in the seats of those cars passing our office and decided to clearly state our key services.

And our audience has provided positive feedback that affirms our decision. Clients who had only used our packaging design services said, "I didn't know you guys could build our website as well" and another social media client asked, " Can you have a look at my Mum's book for me. She needs some help with where to take it next." Sometimes a little information can go a long way and add value to your existing client base.

Even what to put on our sign provoked some internal debate. While we are primarily a branding agency and unashamedly believe that brand informs the basis for any organisations communications we are also fortunate to have the skills and resources to produce creative communications across many media. To distill all the areas that we work in was difficult but the resulting 5 words are:

Design, Advertising, Digital, Social and Web.

We are counting on the intelligence of prospective clients to fill in the gaps and resisted the temptation to list logos, brochures, annual reports, videos and the countless other tasks that keep our team busy. In doing this we believe we have provided valuable information to potential clients by creating a clean, professional statement that allows the space needed for it to be seen amongst the mass of visual clutter found all along Stirling Highway.

Our Stirling Highway statement wall now serves as a reminder about stepping back and considering the perception of your audience. If there’s any doubt, make it clear.

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