Boatshed Sails into Eco Packaging

March 12, 2024
Boatshed Sails into Eco Packaging

With new rules regarding eco-friendly packaging on the horizon our client Boatshed Market asked us to help them source and design a set of sustainable generic baskets that may be used for containing and displaying a broad variety of small fruit and veg.

After tracking down some suitable future compliant cardboard that could handle the stock and refrigeration we set about designing a form that would showcase the product as well as
carry the Boatshed brand. There are not a huge amount of stock options that meet the demanding new composting laws but this is clearly an expanding field.

Management at Boatshed Market are at the forefront of supporting the move to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable set of packaging options so we didn’t really have any peers to copy in Australia.

After looking at some best practice options from overseas we settled on adapting our own  clamshell punnet design with a display window & airation holes die cut into the form. A locking tab was added and we made some hand cut and glued prototypes up to test. The punnets were also designed to stack neatly in their open state making for compact delivery and storage.

Once the prototypes were tweaked, the stock weight increased to give some extra strength  and all stakeholders were satisfied with the result, we began to look at what designs could be applied to the outer shell. Choosing a simple one colour option over the brown craft stock to keep the “eco” feel, we crafted an appealing design with an earthy resonance.

The Boatshed Market got its name because the famous winged keel wonder and Americas cup winner Australia 2 was built in that space back in the day. The owners had some of the original blueprints of the racing yacht which gave us a nice element to use on the packaging graphics in conjunction with the brand.

As the markets demand more responsible and sustainable options we are seeing more clients approach us for help in this area. Our latest mission for Boatshed Market is to source and design a set of sustainable soft bags that can take fresh meat, fish or juicy delicatessen treats directly into a sealable leak proof envelope that is completely compostable and safe to throw on the car seat or pop in the fridge for storage.

At Flametree we are seeing the wave of change to sustainable packaging pick up and we are always happy to support our clients in their efforts to become more eco-friendly.

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