From Little Things…

August 11, 2023
From Little Things…

A recent website produced by Flametree was for Little Industries, a Goldfields supplier of quarry products. It is a straight-forward website that acts as a showcase for the company’s products and services. We immediately saw the potential to optimise the site to be found for known search results. After doing some keyword research we were able to structure the site to enable selected searches to land on relevant pages of the website. This has proved to be very effective and resulted in large amounts of new jobs generated through these leads.

While we were happy to realise this potential, Joe Little, the company’s owner saw further potential for the site. Joe is the second generation to run Little Industries which had its origins with his father in the 1930s. Joe seized upon the opportunity to tell the story of the business history which in many ways parallels the history of the Goldfields.

The result is one of the most extensive ‘About Us’ pages we’ve seen - with its ‘Little Timeline’ providing fascinating insights into the working lives of the Little family. We all agree that it is a great use of modern media to preserve an eighty year old story.

The scope of work undertaken by Flametree to bring this website to the screen involved; site planning, SEO planning, copy creation, photography and programming. We learnt a lot about the different kinds of quarry products and how they are sourced in this process. We were supplied with all the different samples of sands, gravels and stone. These were photographed and edited to fit into the design of the product pages.

In more recent times Little Industries has put the website to further use by adding a new section where non essential mining equipment is offered for sale. By adding new landing pages matched to searches for the different type of mining equipment the site has served to find buyers and provide additional revenue from unused capital.

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