Is my phone recording me?

February 21, 2019
Is my phone recording me?

With our eyes on the world around us, our studio is often buzzing with opinions on current events, news and theories. Sometimes our conversations lead us down unusual paths.

Last week we experienced an unusual link between a conversation followed by a product specific targeted advertising. It left us to consider, are our devices actually eves dropping - if so, how often and what are the consequences? In our case the subject was so obscure and no one had actually entered a searched for it, so we looked further.

In the modern era of data collection and storage, can something you say today be taken and used to interact with you in the future? One could imagine that sometimes this may be beneficial such as providing a solution based on a past positive outcome. However the cynic in me can also imagine the prospect of what you say being used against you in a different context or a later stage of political correctness. This already happens (for right or wrong) with old letters and photographs surfacing to discredit public figures. Just imagine if everything you say was recorded to be used at the discretion of a third party at some time in the future! What can we do to stop this?

The video above not only explores this topic, but it provides information on how you can personally restrict the amount of data your devices are permitted to collect from you.

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