The Ripple Effect

March 12, 2024
The Ripple Effect

Our ongoing interaction with clients across a broad range of industries demonstrates a definite shift in attitude favouring the protection of our environment. When receiving briefs from organisations and businesses, big and small, the request for sustainable solutions is high on the list of mandatories. Examples of this are, ‘can the packaging be designed without any plastic and be compostable?’ and ‘the key message of this document is to promote sustainable land use practices’.

We are very happy to help our clients grow their brands and even happier when these brands leave a positive impact on the environment as they go about their business. It is a great way for us to leverage our creative skills to greater positive effect and provides us with added satisfaction in our work.

These days larger organizations often have departments dedicated to ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and devote considerable resources to ensuring positive change. Small businesses and individuals can also act for the good of society and the environment. 

At Flametree we try to do the little things because we believe that any small action for good does have a ripple effect. We believe that making any level of positive change can create a greater influence as the effect is demonstrated and noticed. 

We recycle our waste, compost our coffee grinds, reduce our aircon use, have made a nice garden, change to LEDs and a third of us ride to work. It may not seem like much but these are all positive steps that anyone can follow. We are also happy to go the extra mile when we see the possibility to nudge a creative project just that little bit further to exceed our clients wishes.

Just like your favourite plant, brands grow best when they are growing toward the light.

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