Whadjuk Country

August 11, 2023
Whadjuk Country

In 2013 the City of Perth asked us to produce a pair of brochures featuring maps and information for two trails through the CBD highlighting significant sites of Aboriginal heritage, one before 1829 and the other after 1829. Working with the City’s staff we produced a beautiful and important set of documents that were printed in time for the June 2013 launch and have been reprinted regularly ever since.

It’s hard to believe that this was now more than ten years ago.

We were recently asked to do a revision of both trail guides, tasked with updating some of the photography, inputting edits to the text, changing the maps themselves and making an overall update to the style to bring the brochures in line with the City’s new branding and guidelines. A quick visit to our archive system soon located the most recent files and we set about applying the edits across both brochures. This also required us to go into the maps themselves which required manipulation of the source vector files as illustrations. While we were updating names and places, we also took this opportunity to update the colour schemes of both maps to align them better with the City’s new branding style.

We were able to supply a full set of proofs for both documents and make all subsequent adjustments as requested until all stakeholders were happy to give their approval. Final print and digital versions were supplied on time and as quoted.

The original designs had stood the test of time very well and we were not only pleased with how the final brochures looked but how they functioned, giving the user an easy to use and thoughtful set of trail guides.

We were happy to help with the recycling of these important resources and hope they continue to share this fascinating and important part of the City’s history for another ten years.

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