What we're reading : Digital Gold

February 21, 2019
What we're reading : Digital Gold

A recent conversation turned to Crypto Currencies and had I to admit that my knowledge of things Crypto was a bit thin. Not because I wasn’t interested, rather I had never set aside the time to learn more.  I was recommended "Digital Gold" as a great starting point. It tells the story of Bitcoin from the initial concept to a realised world-wide currency that is helping to revolutionise how money works for us.

This book not only explains the concepts in an easy to understand way but tells the stories of the fascinating bunch of characters who, motivated by various causes, nurtured Bitcoin from idea to creation. Disruptive technologies can threaten some and provide opportunities for others, but if they offer significant advantages they will likely be adopted and change our lives in the process.  

If you are anything like me and a bit reluctant to wrap your head around another new technology, this book offers an excellent entry point and is a thoroughly entertaining read at the same time.

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