What we're reading : 'Sell Like Crazy'

March 22, 2021
What we're reading : 'Sell Like Crazy'

Even if you have never heard of Sabri Suby, it's likely you have unknowingly made a purchase as a result of his advertising and strategy. Flametree's digital gurus, Sarah and Tom, both began the new year reading 'Sell Like Crazy' (Sarah proudly finished the book first, although it wasn't a competition). While Sabri himself explains very early on that there are no "new tricks" in his book, he has brought tried and tested marketing techniques into an adaptable modern format, and provide invaluable insight around digital sales funnels and the modern exchange of value replacing the generic sales pitch.

Some key takeaways putting a fresh face on long established marketing principles include:

The importance of working hard on building the business as opposed to working hard in the business and risking being overrun by the minutiae of day to day operations.

A key component on working on the business is spending time marketing with an emphasis on building copywriting skill to create great email and social engagements with prospects.

Work to know your customers better. In Suby's own words, "Not just the usual stuff like age, gender, location, what products or services they enquired about, and how they found you or what channel they came in from (although you want to know that too). You need to know them much more intimately.” In doing so you can define a target persona (or several), understand what influences them and how to get them to notice you in a crowded market place.

Once your marketing has allowed you to engage with a prospect take the time and effort to nurture and inform them, demonstrating your authority in your field, and begin the process of making a longterm advocate.

This is a highly recommended read for anyone looking to shake up their approach to marketing across modern media platforms.

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