WTF is NFT?!

March 22, 2021
WTF is NFT?!

With our eyes on the world around us, our studio is often buzzing with opinions on current events - especially within the ever-advancing tech world.

Chances are within the past few weeks you have heard the term "NFT" or non-fungible token. Still confused?  An NFT is essentially a digital artwork like an image, animation or piece of music. By purchasing an NFT you own the original file which holds an inherent value and can be sold again. Although copies can be made (much like producing a print of a famous painting) the ownership and transaction of NFTs are on public record thanks to blockchain transparency.

It feels as though we have all been further thrusted 10 years into the digital currency future within a matter of months. The video here dives deeper into the fundamentals of NFT’s from the perspective of an artist.

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