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Flametree was recently asked to rebrand a leading archaeological consultancy business and create a new website to support their digital presence. The business had grown rapidly and had diversified into wider service areas of ecology and urban planning. This required the creation of a brand architecture for the group of businesses with ‘Trace Enterprises’ being the parent company of the child brands of Trace Archaeology and Trace Ecology, with more to follow.

The Brief

A critical component of this project was to design and build the Trace Enterprises website. The Trace Enterprises website was a complex build with a detailed site structure and a large amount of technical content that Flametree reviewed and edited to ensure readability and clarity. Due to the large amount of content and number if pages, it was essential that the website was easy to navigate and had direct user pathways to each subsequent level of pages within the site structure. The website was constructed in Webflow, a platform that allows for a high level of design control and customisation alongside in-depth SEO options.

The management team at Trace wanted the new Trace Enterprises brand and website to have a sleeker, more corporate look and feel than the existing child brands in order to communicate the scale of their operation and draw in larger clients. To achieve this, we carefully considered the use of colour and imagery across the website and decided on a slick blue colour palette paired with corporate photography and sans serif typefaces.

We worked closely with the management team at Trace to ensure that content for each service area was appropriately matched with terms that customers were searching for, to create SEO oriented landing pages. We also saw that the expert knowledge of their business was accurately communicated in a clear and informative manner on all pages and that each page was correctly structured in terms of keywords, headings and total word count per page to ensure an excellent user experience and SEO outcomes.

The site construction was approached in stages on a firm schedule to ensure all content was allowed appropriate consideration, whilst meeting the project deadline. Post-launch, we have continued to monitor the SEO performance of the website and run a successful Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to the new website.

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