Far West Scallops

Far West Scallops

Far West Scallops has been a family owned and run business for over 35 years. Renowned for the quality of their scallops, Far West operate their own fleet of trawlers and a world class factory based in Fremantle. They catch and process arguably the best tasting fish, Ballot’s Saucer scallop (Ylistrum Balloti) in the beautiful, clean waters of Shark Bay, the Abrolhos Islands and the South Coast of Western Australia. Their fish are served in some of the worlds finest seafood restaurants.


Far West Packaging & Point of Sale

Far West Scallops
Flametree Creative grows brands for businesses across a range of industry types. Far West Scallops are the biggest supplier of sustainably caught Australian scallops. To reflect the high regard held for their products, we refreshed the brand & communication materials, including their packaging design. 


Far West harvest premium quality scallops and market  them in different packs according to the size of the fish. Their scallops are available in domestic and wholesale quantities. We were tasked with redesigning their whole packaging range to upgrade the brand feel.We then redesigned all their marketing assets and created a suite of promotional material to be used wherever the product was being used or needed customer support.


Far West Website

Far West Scallops

Far West Scallops is a leading Scallops supplier in Western Australia. Their brand is known for their fresh premium quality sustainably fished product. Flametree designed and developed a new website to promote product , inform customers and drive sales.

Far West Scallops Website

By Far the Best. Far West Scallops are the biggest supplier of sustainably caught Australian scallops. As part of an overall brand refresh, we served up a modern responsive website. Including e-commerce ready product pages and interactive animated features.

Te website now reflects the high quality product whilst delivering an efficient user experience and sales facility.

Visit the website.

Brochure Design

Far West Scallops

Recently, our studio have been working on a lot of delicious products from various clients. From scallops to gin to cheese snack.


We are very happy on our recent brochure design for Far West Scallops. They came up as a set as we redesign their website, their packaging and now their brochures.

One of the challenges in creating these designs is to appear premium to different kind of target markets. Although they are based in Western Australia, they have quite a big market in Asia. As such, we rethink of the design elements and work together with our client to understand the trend and demand of their customers. The result is a fresh, formal and premium set of marketing materials ready to be distributed to their potential clients!