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Far West 40 years

Everyone loves a “battler who beats the odds” story and this is one.

We recently had the privilege of telling this particular story graphically in the form of a commemorative booklet for our client, Far West Scallops, celebrating their 40th anniversary as WA’s leading wild sustainable scallop fishers.

It all began with a tenacious young man emigrating to Australia with big ambitions.

James Ch’ng arrived in Melbourne in 1964, bought a purple HQ Holden, met a girl, and started a family. Life was tough at first. James worked two jobs, all day for ICI and waiting tables at a Chinese restaurant at night.

The Brief

He soon decided to put his ambitions into practice, starting his own Chinese restaurant with a mate. It was a big success. Many may now know the famous Flower Drum, for many years arguably the best restaurant in Australia. It is still one of THE places to go in Melbourne.

After several years in the restaurant business James met a Western Australian fisherman trying to sell his Shark Bay scallops into Melbourne restaurants. James decided to buy more than he needed and on-sell to other restaurants. After a time the fisherman asked James if he wanted to buy into the business which consisted of an old navy mine sweeper converted to a trawler and a dusty packing shed on shore at Carnarvon.

Things started to move and the Ch’ngs decided to throw everything in and move to WA. James could see potential in lucrative markets in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. But it was a long haul. James spent a lot of time working in the factory shed in Carnarvon whilst his wife Mary went back to work to help support the family. When an opportunity came to buy his partner out James took a big risk but it paid off. Once in full control things started to improve, boosted by a few bumper fishing seasons. James bought another boat, more licences and developed some strong export connections. The Far West Scallop fishing gamble was starting to pay off in spades.

The kids grew up and some joined the business. The family continued to grow the fleet then built a state of the art packing and storage facility in Perth. Far West is now internationally recognised as one of the world's leading Scallop suppliers.

As the business has grown it has also begun to offer retail packs as well as to continue to provide export options. Flametree have been engaged for some years assisting with the branding and packaging of Far West products.

We are proud to be associated with such a great family and always enjoy working with them.

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