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'Our Art, Our Culture, Our Way'

Having produced a book in 2018 for Esperance Community Arts called 'Esperance Yarning and Healing Dolls', we were happy to be asked again to help design and print a book, this time a bigger volume highlighting five years of Aboriginal Community Arts Programs in the Esperance region. We worked closely with Jane Mulcock and Jennell Reynolds from Esperance Community Arts communicating by phone and email in the early planning stages to decide production deadlines, book formats and how to manage the transfer of its contents.

The Brief

The design brief was to make the pages alive employing vibrancy, colour, graphic elements and lots of imagery. We started by designing a few pages of the first chapter to show how we intended using type and images and the general layout of the pages. While doing so we were very mindful that the design should not be culturally derivative or inappropriate in any way. Our job was made much easier because of a good proportion of the images were high quality and visually exciting.

The layout was warmly received and we were given the green light to lay out the whole book. All the images and text were supplied via uploading to a cloud based storage platform. As planned all the images were numbered and captioned with the desired positioning indicated in the text. This made the positioning and treatment of the 250 images much easier resulting in only a few changes after proofing of the final pages. The proofs were shown to all stakeholders in the project and were given the approval with relatively few adjustments.

Final artwork was prepared and supplied to our printers who produced a high quality, soft cover, print version of the book and delivery was arranged to Esperance with a week's grace being allowed before the launch function. The books were very well received and we are happy to have played our part in the documenting of these important community arts activities.

It is interesting to note that this whole project was handled remotely with our client being 700 kilometres away and we are still waiting for the opportunity to meet them face to face. The only non digital transfer of assets was the final delivery of physical books.

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