A. M. Jaxon

Don’t judge a book by its cover?

In the world of publishing that's exactly what a lot of people do, so book cover design equates directly to sales. That’s where we come in. Our client in this case, author A.M. Jaxon, is acutely aware of this, so when she chose Flametree to design new covers for her outstanding thriller trilogy - Madly, Deeply and Truly we were aware that we needed to give these novels a cutting edge presence in a busy marketplace.

The Brief

These three sexy, exciting, danger-wrought, fast paced thrillers deserved a set of covers that broadcast the adventure and intrigue locked within the pages. Given a synopsis of each book, we created several montage illustrative art options embracing key elements of each connected story. The cover designs needed to be individual and unique and at the same time have the ability to sit together as a family trilogy set. The spine designs also needed special consideration at all levels to function well on the shelf individually or as a group. Common design elements and colours would help create a family resemblance whilst selling the sizzle of each individual story.

Working closely with the author we cut and slashed our way through several hot design options until we were finally seduced by three killer solutions. Once we had the final directions we were able to tweak and refine the cover illustrations in concert with the author's feedback resulting in a strong set that can stand up proudly on any bookshelf. While the books were being printed we built a promotional website designed to showcase each of these books and previous novels penned by the author. The site utilises the powerful imagery from the covers and other emotive imagery fused with plenty of strong exposure for the author herself and connectivity to major sites through which the books may be purchased.

So the next time you’re hungry for a strong dose of sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll served on a masterfully managed and fascinating plot, reach out and jump into bed with one of A.M. Jaxon's sumptuous, saucy, page turning stories.

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