Minespec Equipment Hire

Minespec Equipment Hire

Minespec Hire offers a comprehensive specialised equipment hire with a focus on safe underground vehicles for mining and associated industries. Minespec Hire provides high safety vehicles and equipments starting from Lancruisers, bobcats, pressure cleaners, and many more. 


Minespec Hire Branding Project

Minespec Equipment Hire

Flametree Creative builds brands for businesses across a range of industry types. Minespec Hire, specialises in long term vehicle hire and equipment hire for the mining industry. We created the brand and rolled out a communication plan to engage with existing and potential clients.


Minespec Hire came to us seeking to brand and position themselves as specialised and trusted suppliers of mine safety equipment hire and vehicle hire. Their innovative approach offers long term vehicle hire allowing vehicles to be returned without charge for damage or repair and a choice of on-going lease options.

A new brand mark was created. It was innovative, clean and solid all core values of the business. Once the brand mark was finalised it was applied to stationery, banners, signage, uniforms, brochures and a website.


Minespec Hire Website

Minespec Equipment Hire

Delivery of a new website was an important part of the Minespec Hire branding. Adapting the tone of voice and personality of the brand the new website was created.

Minespec Website

Minespec Hire required a website that aligns visually with their brand, looking professional and trustworthy and conveying a sense of safety and security. 

One of the challenges of this website was to explain the specifications of the rental vehicles. It required us to convey technical information in an accessible manner across written and visual content. To help with this we built an interactive image that users can hover over to find important information about each part of the vehicle. This allows viewers to easily access and understand the key features. 

The result is an easy to use website offering a great user experience while it cleanly displays Minespec's offerings and credentials.  


Visit Minespec Hire website.