Cheesebuddy Website

A complete overhaul of the Cheesebuddy brand meant a brand new website was needed. Flametree worked to create a bold, bright and simple design that communicated the playful nature of the new look.

The Brief

After creating the new branding and packaging for Cheesebuddy, we were asked to update their existing website to reflect their new look. The previous website had a significantly different visual style and as a result was disruptive to the launching of the new Cheesebuddy brand.

Added to this challenge, the old website no longer had up-to-date web functionality, which would be damaging to the brand's reputation when searched online. Using customised functionality on top of a trusted web platform, we developed a clean, bold and simple-to-use website that was strongly reflective of the Cheesebuddy brand.

Our team spent time with Cheesebuddy to discuss and evaluate the objectives of the site. This helped assess what was no longer necessary from the old website. As a result, a cleaner, streamlined site map was defined. This also led to the development of new ideas for adding value to the site. Although some of which were not pursued, they nonetheless demonstrated the worth of a thorough re-evaluation of a company's public image and its core values.

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