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Little Industries is a leading quarry products supplier in Kalgoorlie. Although they offer other services, their main focus is on providing quarry products such as sand, gravel and blue metals.

The company had established a strong reputation over 40 years and, after providing excellent service for so long, they now wanted a comprehensive website refresh.

Little Industries approached Flametree Creative to review content strategy and visual aesthetics, with the sole purpose of increasing their organic traffic.

The Brief

Before we began re-designing the website, the team at Flametree Creative took some time to analyse the previous website, that was still completely functional. We took notes on how to improve the websites both for SEO and for the ease in using it. In doing so, we positioned ourselves as users. Our conclusions:

  • Previous website lacked substantial information about the type of quarry products they supply.
  • Users needed more information about the company, and projects they have completed in the past. Previous websites mentioned the projects, but provide details.
  • Page re-structuring and business re-targeting was needed to improve SEO ranks and overall traffic. Because their coverage area is in Kalgoorlie and Eastern Goldfields, it was important that we targeted the most appropriate specific users, instead of focusing on a broader audience that they could not accommodate.
  • Overall website was functioning, but the layout required some work to incentivise prospective clients to contact them.

Approach & solutions

We approached this project by first analysing the key elements contained within the previous websites. Then we continued with designing a sitemap and sketching solution in the form of wireframes.

It was important to think through how users could get information about the quarry products and how to contact the company. Our primary objective here was to identify the information that would stimulate users' interest and prompt them to contact the company.

Alongside focusing on the company's experience, and the quality of the site's design, we concentrated on ensuring its technical qualities were all highlighted - from compressing images and header meta tags, through to minifying code and editing text to be more discoverable. These were crucial for improving their rank on Search Engine. We continue to work with Little Industries to make it more visible to potential clients.

Today the result is a functioning website that continually brings prospective clients to them. We are also proud to say that our ongoing SEO work has resulted in the site ranking at the top of Google for their core keywords.

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