Matso's Broome Brewery

Matso's Brewery Branding

Old, new, cool, hot, the Matso's logo is a timeless fusion that delivers great relevance to the client's spiritual home whilst also providing a great point of difference for all marketing assets including products and merchandising.

It's one of those brands that transcends time. It could have been designed tomorrow or 100 years ago. Mystical and urban cool, the logo cuts like a Samurai sword through barley.

One of the pearls of our collection and our favourite rising son.

The Brief

Inheriting the handle from Broome's old Matsumono family general store that the Brewery now calls home, Matso's spiritual home is steeped in local history, pearl divers and Japanese geishas, pirates and adventurers. The classic Japanese character for freshness and life fitted well with the fusion of Aussie-Japanese culture associated with the town and its history. The Matso's brand was brewed with care and love.

Behind every great brand there's a great support network, so we set about creating a suite of promotional print material with a broad variety of functions. Some in support of the individual products, some to help push the mother brand. In every case the material was designed to achieve strong cut through, and always with the brand architecture in mind. Each format carries the unique Matso's flavour and is designed to appeal to the target market. From their corporate stationary to quirky street signs, in-house point of sale material or brochures, the Matso's message is out there!

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