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As a well established surveyor for a large multi national, our client wanted to put his skills to use in a wider scope and for his own clients. He approached us to discuss the brand creation of his new enterprise. Through his experience in auditing different business, he fully understood the importance of having a sound brand strategy from the very start. It was great to meet someone that had really thought this through and he came to us armed with his own brief, complete with analysis of his market place. This left us with a very targeted task of completing the creative part of the brand making process.

The Brief

We set to work on setting up a set of concepts that would present the business name in a professional, contemporary light. Each of the concepts used a strong sans-serif typeface that was strongly identifiable at all sizes - especially important when considering digital applications. Some also contained logo symbols representing the interconnections of petals as they form the whole flower, such as a lotus flower.

From these concepts a logo-type was chosen and we were given a clear direction to follow for one of the symbols. It became more abstract representing the touch-points of an organsiation with their interconnections forming a beautiful flower. We also refined the logotype modifying the letters to specifically compliment the name.

When combined they presented a well formed and balanced identity that had the flexibility of being a logotype, icon or both. In doing this we had also established a tone for the brand, establishing colours, graphic elements and type usage as well as adopting the positioning line, 'pollinating and shielding business'.

We then set about applying the brand across a range of practical stationary items and documenting all of this in a brand guide. The finished applications look great and accurately reflect how our client wants to be seen in the market place. Paullen Consulting was successfully launched and the business is going from strength to strength.

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