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Manufacturing a wide range of garden, lawn and liquid fertilisers, controlled release fertilisers, soil improving products, mulches and potting mix, Baileys are Perth’s gardening and horticultural experts. Whether you are a retail customer needing potting mix for vegetables or a commercial grower seeking laboratory analysis and custom solutions for nurseries, vineyards or turf, Baileys has a range of products and services to keep your crops, lawn or gardens at their blooming best all year round.

The Brief

Flametree Creative was asked to submit a proposal to build a website from the ground up that would contain the most advanced functionalities. These included Store Locator, Video Manager, advanced role-based User Management, Advanced Search, Ask an Expert, Drag and Drop multi-level menu editor, Built-in Calendar Editor synchronised with Google Calendar, Quick Analytics on Dashboard, One-click Back-up and Activity Logs.

We wanted the site to be user friendly, easy to navigate and able to carry a lot of people-focused images supporting the content.

In addition to this we were asked to set up a fast and powerful Virtual Private Server (VPS) to be managed by Flametree Creative. It was also noted that the seamless transition from the old to the new site was a non-negotiable. After considering several proposals we were delighted when Baileys awarded the contract to Flametree Creative.

About the project

Once we had a site map and wire frame approved we started work on the design. We wanted the site to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and to carry a lot of people-focused images supporting the content. The homepage employs video and we were fortunate to have a resource base of existing TV commercials that we had previously created for Baileys. We were able to cut these down and make a short video loop.

Once all the programming was complete the client was given a concise lesson on how to use the content management system. Armed with this, and the address of our test server, they finalised the content and were able to check and edit the pages.

When all was approved the new site was uploaded to the VPS and the Baileys URLs were pointed to the new site.

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