Packaging Design

Our friends at Billy Stitch Distillery have been busy concocting some delicious new pre-mixed drinks to put into tins and unleash onto the gin loving public.

The new product range currently features two exciting flavours: Summer Gin and Berry Mojito Gin.

Summer Gin captures the spirit of a classic Gin and tonic then elevates it to new heights by adding citrus hints and camomile flower essence. The twin tin is a Berry Mojito Gin, infused with cranberry, raspberry, mint and other exotic botanicals to deliver a delightfully strong but complex instant cocktail.

The Brief

We kicked off the project by developing a range of concepts that leveraged the illustrative brand architecture of the core Billy Stitch gin range. Each concept used colour and unique illustrations to create a cohesive product range with distinctly identifiable individual products.

We went with a dynamic concept that used strong primary colours against a white background. We had full colour to play with on the wraps so we went in hard creating a pack design that pops off the shelf whilst still offering clear flavour demarkation. The results are a dynamic set that carry the brand feel and offer great retail appeal at point of sale.

We carried the can design across to shipper cartons for consistency on all touchpoints and developed an eye catching four pack wrap. The tins themselves and the shipper boxes required a two colour solution converted from elements of the parent gins packaging and forged into a strong mono design with clear colour definition.

From what we hear the products are being received extremely well by retailers in what has become a crowded market. The packaging design is playing its role getting the product on the stage but once you taste one we’re sure you’ll agree that the drinks themselves are the real stars.

Billy Stitch Gin Tins are now available at a broad range of outlets or direct from the distillery, check their website for details and enjoy one (or two) for yourself soon.

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