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When we were first approached to re-brand Solvit Group, we were faced with a number of challenges. As a relatively new company without an established identity, what do we have to build upon? A company who develop liquid, gel and paste chemical solutions for the marine, mining and building sector - a challenge to sum up with one clear thought. Our task was how do we fix this identity crisis? How do we solve it? (pun intended) 

The Brief

After we spent some time exploring different solutions, we agreed the best way to visually articulate the Solvit brand was to present them in a professional yet minimalistic way. The first brand deliverable was the logo, consisting of logotype - as a clean piece of royal blue, san-serif type which omits the letter ‘O’ from the word Solvit and replaces it with a slick gradient water drop symbol. Following our completion of the logo, the rest of the brand fell into place and the final result reflected all the attributes we feel encapsulate Solvit’s position in the marketplace - a clean, efficient, modern identity. The brand mark not only represented Solvit’s practices in manufacturing industrial cleaning products but also went further, reflecting their environmentally sustainable approach while doing so.

Following our completion of the project's first phase, we then went on to develop a range of Solvit Group branded assets such as the website, a letterhead, a range of business cards, a presentation slide deck and, of course, the product packaging - a series of labels for 1 litre bottles. Our objective with the first batch of Solvit labels was to further develop the brand, giving a unique identity to each of the core products while staying true to the values of the brand we had worked so hard to cultivate. After careful consideration and development the end result was 12 wrap-around labels that embody and extend the brand's visual style further, with each product possessing its own individual qualities. Personalising design elements such as colours, use of unique gradient and accompanying imagery on each label, best represents the product's purpose and value from a practical standpoint.

The 1 litre label project has since proven to be another domino in our line of work for Solvit Group. It's been followed by 20 litre labels for pails, 50 litre labels for drums and a range of Technical Data Sheets that compliment each of the products.

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