Comedy Lounge Club

Comedy Lounge

A series of posters for the Comedy Lounge's regular comedy programs, using fun visuals in the style of the Lounge's branding, designed to entice new patrons.

The Brief

We were contacted by the Comedy Lounge, based here in Perth, to do some quick and creative posters for their upcoming regular set shows. These had to fit in with the clubs existing brand style. A description of the shows was given, but we were very much allowed free reign to get creative with the visual direction. This open-ended brief led us to work with the existing brand elements as inspiration, utilising its clean and iconic style.

Working with the fun and light-natured brief and simple branding of the Comedy Lounge, we saw that there was plenty of room to do something quirky with the poster designs. Sticking to a modest colour palette, we created bold and punchy text and graphics to visually communicate the concept of the shows. The simple colours and branding meant that the bold visuals really pop off the poster with a tongue-in-cheek playfulness to them. The client was thrilled, with the results providing a fresh improvement to previous poster campaigns.

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