Shire of East Pilbarra

Waste & Recycling Guidebook

We recently worked with the Shire of East Pilbara to produce a waste guide booklet, designed and printed for the residents of Newman. With the booklet we created a series of posters and together they were employed to help educate the residents on how the Shire's waste services functioned.

The Brief

Flametree was approached by the Shire of East Pilbara to design a small booklet that could be stuck on the residents' fridges, to educate and remind them of the recycling and waste collection services available. The booklet had to be a small and convenient size for the users, but also needed to provide a significant amount of information. In addition to fitting to the Shire's brand guidelines, it also had to feature Waste Sorted and Containers for Change graphics and content. To add an extra challenge, the text had to include translations to the local Martu language.

Flametree devised a plan to layout the required content within the size constraints to create an appealing design, whilst still fitting within the Shire's brand guidelines. Pre-emptively preparing it for adding in the translations of the local Indigenous Martu language, as well unexpected edits, helped ensure layout complications were minimised. We were proud of the final result with all these considerations, and it was well received. More pleasingly we were told the Shire received the Waste Sorted Regional Waste Award for the Booklet. A fantastic result and for a great venture!

Flametree also assisted the Shire in the print production of the booklets, a part of the brief being the requirement to print on recycled stock. working with our print team to find a pleasantly textural and recycled paper that complemented the style worked a treat.

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