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Despite the tight deadlines we often produce work that visually punches well above its weight. These days, particularly in the corporate world, people often do judge books by their covers so having your brand represented by excellent design is very important.

Creating a slick and entertaining visual deck or animated graphic presentation is often a great way to introduce your product or service into a competitive market. Pictures are, as they say, worth a thousand words and can often convey the key issues and values of any business.

Brand consistency is also always vital so we make sure all our graphic presentations are on brand and faithful to the company's core values.

The Brief

Of course when it comes to something like artisan bread our creative mouths water because we know we can create some fabulous imagery to support the cause.

Excellent photography is the key in this kind of mission, especially with an emotive product like yummy fresh bread.

In this case we prepared a deck with superb images of our client's fare across many key types of bread that they produce by hand using local ingredients from sustainable sources.

The combination of clear typographic communication illuminating the key points from the initial brief nicely coupled with great product photography allowed our customer to look like the best thing since sliced, or unsliced bread.

At Flametree we never produce half baked ideas and always try to put our clients at the visual forefront of their industry whatever that may be.

Our designs and presentations have led many businesses to a seat at larger tables with several now gaining national and even international success.

Sometimes image is everything, or at least the start of everything.

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