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Curious - City of Fremantle

Curious is a new brand that brings together many of the City of Fremantle's community development business units which share a focus on learning.

The Brief

Flametree Creative was given the brief of creating one brand that would unify these different business units. The brand would signify the core value of 'learning' for all. It would allow collective marketing to come from a single identity and focus more about areas of learning and less about locations and demographics. To us, this is sound brand strategy.

The name

We worked closely with the City's representatives to arrive at the name. From a shortlist we preferred the name 'Curious' and were delighted when it was approved. First, it is short and simple, second, it has meaning (curiosity leads to learning) and third, it is a great word to work with to form a strong brand mark.

The brandmark?

We worked through a series of brand marks and arrived at one who's strength is in its simplicity. With the 'i' of curious being replaced with an upside down question mark  the logo type embodies everything that we want the brand to do. It invites viewers to look again, to question and to seek to learn.

As the branding is applied to various communications platforms, it is great to see how well it works in practice. From a design perspective it is easy to work with. It has visual impact, looks strong and confident and communicates a clear message. As the roll-out gets under way, we understand that the City is already enjoying the rewards that the unified brand offers. Please stay curious as this is only the beginning.

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