Moontide Distillery

Moontide Distillery Branding

From high-end professional medicos to distillery owners and operators, our new client had decided on a massive sea change, moving north to start a brand new gin distillery and cellar door in the old pearling tourist town of Broome. They came to us after looking at some of our previous work and gave us a blank canvas, putting enormous faith and trust in us to guide them through the process of establishing a desirable, sustainable brand.

Our brief was to come up with something unique that reflected the Kimberley and the feel of the outback, while maintaining a level of sophistication sympathetic to the tastes of the burgeoning gin drinking demographic.

The Brief

Our search for a name started with a long list. We worked our way through a process of assessment against a set of vital criteria, gradually winnowing out the unsuitable, unavailable and uncertain.

Finally we all agreed on Moontide, a name that brought with it romance, relevance and major opportunities for branding, merchandising and marketing.

The brand mark

As soon as we reached accord we set about crafting a beautiful logo to seal the brand and communicate the tone of voice we had decided to project.

We created a symbol that supported the name and gave further substance and memorability to the brand.


With the design complete, it was time to apply it to the product and the raft of marketing assets needed to support the distillery launch - including packaging, a slick e-commerce website and also some fine stationery.

The distillery uses monsoonal rainwater, local botanicals and other unique methods, so we have highlighted these throughout the corporate imagery.

Support and outcome

Since the launch we have refined the sales process and created further tertiary marketing collateral. The final result is that Moontide is a great success, with locals and tourists embracing the brand.

Online sales are on a sharp upward trajectory and bottle shops are beginning to take notice and stock the product.

To help the sales along at ground level we produced some nice point-of-sale material that reflects the feel of the brand.

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