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When we were asked to rebrand a leading archaeological consultancy we immediately recognised that the success of the brand would depend on creating a unique recognition of the business and its offerings.

With archaeology assessments and heritage planning of mine sites so much in the spotlight in Western Australia we knew we had to strike the right chord between two of the major client groups of this business - mining companies and aboriginal corporations. The branding also needed to appeal to the wider community who also access the broader range of archaeological services.

We wanted to create a brand that had broad appeal and highlighted our client’s key point of difference, always prioritising accuracy, integrity and attention to detail, aiming for ‘win-win’ outcomes at all times.

The Brief

A positive first impression is vital when a new organisation's name first arrives in the marketplace. We were fortunate to be able to start with clean sheet. We undertook a naming exercise that allowed us to explore a long list of potential name ideas, always keeping in mind the core communication points and brand values. After a long but worthwhile process which included filtering and scoring our shortlist of potential names, we settled on 'TRACE'.

It scored highest in all our criteria, being unique, memorable, relevant, appealing, fully available and with great SEO potential. 'TRACE' implies attention to detail, leaving nothing uncovered, values that set the business aside from others.

The brand mark

The name 'TRACE' also lent itself to a strong visual identity. We set to work designing a brand mark that was reflective of the brand’s core activities and reinforced its personality and values, a mark that will define the brand as it grows over the long term.

The final solution was a simple T shape, wrought from the red desert earth, giving a good balance between a smart corporate entity and an earthy ecological softness. It also allowed us some interesting options to animate the logo, further extending its ability to engage on a visual level across different moving platforms.


With the design work finalised the task of documenting its use was undertaken and a succinct brand manual produced, detailing the brand’s visual assets and directions for their use. This assisted us to consistently apply the brand across website, stationery, signage, uniforms, social and digital applications making sure all forms of engagement of the brand are strategically aligned.


The final result is a strong sustainable brand that reflects the brand values and sits comfortably in all situations, boardroom to bush and everywhere in between.

Trace Archaeology has now been unearthed in its own right and is fast becoming confirmed as one of Australia's leading archaeological consultancies.

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