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Far West 40 years

Far West Scallops

Everyone loves a “battler who beats the odds” story & this is one.

We recently had the privilege of telling this particular story graphically in the form of a commemorative booklet for our client Far West Scallops celebrating their 40th anniversary as W.A’s leading wild sustainable scallop fishers.

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Riding the Wave

Hyden Progress Association

Flametree was approached to produce a centenary book for the Hyden Progress Association.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover?

A. M. Jaxon

In the world of publishing that's exactly what a lot of people do, so book cover design equates directly to sales. That’s where we come in. Our client in this case, author A.M. Jaxon, is acutely aware of this, so when she chose Flametree to design new covers for her outstanding thriller trilogy - Madly, Deeply and Truly we were aware that we needed to give these novels a cutting edge presence in a busy marketplace.

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'Our Art, Our Culture, Our Way'

Esperance Community Arts

'Our Art, Our Culture, Our Way' documents five years of Kepa Kurl Community Arts Programs.

'Sharing culture through the arts is reconciliation and healing for everyone, the arts being the best medium of educating the wider community about our culture'.

Jennell Reynolds, Aboriginal Arts Coordinator.

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'Chasing the Wind - William Barr Craig 1875 - 1934'

Stephen Lipple

Some 1,218 pages, two volumes, five designers and 20 years is what it has taken to publish the story of one man's life and how the legacy of his 60 years has shaped the family generations that followed. Volume one examines William Barr Craig's early life in Scotland as a young man forms his ideologies and volume two traces his migration to New Zealand and his early journalistic career and family life.

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'Drill to Mill'  The Independence Group Story

The Independence Group

The Independence Group is one of the last Australian-owned diversified miners and Drill to Mill is the story of the making of the company.

This 220-page, coffee table book explores the 17-year journey from an idea, formed around a kitchen table, to a company with a current market capitalisation of seven billion dollars, employing thousands of people across Australia.

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'The BooBook'

Wendy Binks

The BooBook is the latest children's book by author, illustrator and publisher Wend Binks. It is a beautifully rich story written by Jennifer Mars, about the interaction of a boy and a boo-book owl. Set high in the treetops, the story takes us on a fantastic adventure with an environmental twist.

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'Pioneer Daughter'

Gillian Lilleyman

A new book was recently published by author Gillian Lilleyman, called Pioneer Daughter, affectionately known in our studio as 'Fanny's Diary'. It is the edited interpretation of the diary of Frances Louisa Brockman, who diarised her life in the Margaret River region of WA from 1872 until 1905. It provides a unique and fascinating perspective of a rural farming life which intersected with many well-known historical characters of the region.

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'Finches of Australia'

Col Roberts

This exquisite publication meticulously focuses on Australian finches through a 450 page coffee table book displaying more than 600 stunning bird photographs by Col Roberts. Although very much a niche publication it has been embraced by its audience both critically and through sales.

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